Tuesday, 12 March 2019 23:45

Somewhere in L.A.

While traveling thru LA I got the opportunity to run thru our new pedal lineup with some talented young guitarists. This is a impromptu session I captured of them just running with the pedals with no direction. You can really hear the The Architect, The Whaler and The Chemist in this video.


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Whats new?

With improving and upgrading our production process and pcb designs it gave us the opportunity to sneak in a couple small changes.


Switch move

We moved the switches that select what algorithm is active to the side of the pedal making the top less clutered and protected more from accidental changes.



As a last minute nod to always trying to improve and advance ourselves we have added expression control on the bottom row "tails/formula" control. This means that if you have the expression pedal plugged in the top row will ignore the expression control and only use what you have set the knob to. If you then jump to the bottom row it will be controlled by the expression allowing you to dynamically change your reverb, delay, chorus, phaser or octave (depending on which pedal you are using) to fit your needs even better in a live scenerio. 

Should I upgrade from my previous V2?

This really depends on if these three changes are important to you. New and updated PCB design, we moved switches and the expression control. If those aren't important to you then stay with what you have and check out our other new offerings! We always want to serve your needs and only provide the things you truly need!


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Friday, 14 December 2018 15:08

Introducing The Whaler V2

The Whaler V2

Takes your guitar from a Velcro monster of the depths to a massive attacking beast of the sea.

An original fuzz circuit built on a desire to find that elusive tone that is always taunting us, the Whaler is a unique pedal that is capable of more than just a great fuzz. Dive into its deceptively simple controls for a deep wealth of sounds that will leave you constantly finding new ways to use it.


Whats new in the V2

-improved and redesigned "Sustain control
-additional gain stage for higher gain than V1
-New/improved PCB design


A unique original fuzz design

With the whaler we wanted to create something that was unique but could still capture our favorite tones. We set ourselves adrift on our breadboard with no particular design direction but a hunger for the unkown. We built the fuzz through experimenting with every component and stage and sound we could create without going down the tradional path.


Dynamic tone control

The Whaler's eq section starts with the eq control, which as turned clockwise, gives you more highs and less lows. As you turn counter clockwise you get more lows and less highs. A simple enough eq that is made is dynamic by the addition of the body control which lets you sculpt your mid response. Scoop them completely out or dial in a heavy mid eq. Between the two deceptively simple eq controls you can create a wide range of tones.


Sculpting your fuzz

To create different fuzz and gain tones you use the "Sustain" and "Squish" controls. The "Sustain" lets you dial in how hard your signal is hitting the front of the circuit letting you choose between a wide range of dirty drive and thick fuzz. The goal here was to give you more than just one useable sound but create something that you can forever be a useful tool in your collection.
The "Squish" control lets you change the positive bias to different gain stages at different degrees with the simple turn of the knob. This has the effect of changing the characteristic of the gain. Go from a ripping velcro gated sound to a more open traditional fuzz.


improved and redesigned "Sustain control

I wanted to broaden the dynamic range of the sustain control so I redesigned it from the ground up. It is completely different than the previous sustain control. Its lets you dial in the same tones as before but now you have a much wider range to play with. You can even clean up the whaler and turn it into a pushed tube drive tone. 


Additional gain stage for higher gain than V1

For the V2 we wanted to put even more gain at your fingertips! We added a additional gain stage that can really thicken up your fuzz tone give you a wider gain range than ever before with the whaler!


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Thursday, 13 December 2018 22:58

Introducing "The Architect V3"

The Architect V3

is the evolution of our Architect overdrive. Built on on the foundations of those that have come before us i wanted to continue to push the limits of how we could make this product really our own and not just ride on the wave of the original.

You can create layered, clean boosts to dynamically push your amp with powerful EQ dialing, or crank the gain and shake the very earth! There is always more to discover and build on!


Independant Boost

The Architect V3 now has a independant true bypass boost control! Choose between a Silicon or Mosfet boost to perfectly cater to your needs and find which one you like the best! 


Active 3 Band EQ

The EQ in the Architect V3 gives you active control over the Treble, Mids and Lows. Acitvely boost or cut these frequincies to dynamically shape your guitars tone to perfectly match your guitar/amp combination.





Clipping Options

You have the option between 3 different clipping options to give you 3 different colors of gain which helps you dial in the Architect to work great with any guitar or amp combination you are using.

-Silicon - Very tight and crunchy
-Diode LIft - Only the slight natural clipping great for pushing a dirty amp
-Germanium - Compressed and tight


The Architect features:

  • Overdrive & boost in one single footprint
  • Fully active three-band EQ
  • Three clipping options
  • Two boost options
  • Independent true bypass on the drive and boost circuits 
  • External bypass control for both the overdrive and the boost circuits


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